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Donate to Noodles and Hobbes!

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Among all of the pets at Pasco County Animal Services, we have two dogs that are pending surgery and further medical attention: Noodles and Hobbes!

To donate to either of them through our dedicated Medical Fund, please click here and you will be immediately taken to our PayPal account to make your donation.

Noodles: has an injury to his hindquarters (Cruciate Ligament Repair – more details to come). He is expected to go to surgery March 6th. To donate to his surgery, please click on link.


Hobbes: the one and one half year old brindle bully breed in the back row of Building A. Chip in fundraiser to get help for this dog is still on going at San Francis Vet Hospital, Shady Hills, 352-848-0940. Funds already donated to Hobbes have paid for two diagnostic x-rays. HOBBES needs “FHO” Remove Head of Femur operation. He is also heartworm positive. Intend to get help for that too.