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Want to donate to Friends of Animal Services, Inc? Click here!

There are also donation boxes located in the lobby if building A at Pasco County Animal Services.

To contact the shelter directly:
19640 Dogpatch Ln.
Land O’Lakes, FL 34638
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Ph: (813) 929-1212, (727) 834-3216, (352) 521-5194
Fax: (813) 929-1218

Emergency Service - Only 5 pm to 8 am
(727) 847-8102 or (800) 547-9427
After Hours Calls 

Animal Services FAQ’s can be found here.

Want to volunteer with the shelter? Here’s how:
The Animal Services Division offers multiple opportunities for volunteers including Adoption Aide, Special Events Aide, Educational Outreach, Groundskeeping, Dog Walker, Cat Socializer, Photographer, and more! (Minimum age – 16 years old).

APPLY NOW! (this link will take you to Pasco County Animal Services Volunteer application)

Special Requirements
Minimum age is 16 years old. Interview/Background Check/Orientation Class required.

Want to report animal abuse/cruelty? Be their voice, here’s how:
Animal Services investigates cruelty to animals complaints dealing with dogs and cats. Please call (813) 929-1212, (727) 834-3216 or (352) 521-5194 to report a situation you believe to be animal cruelty to a dog or cat.If you suspect cruelty to livestock, contact the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

How to report a missing animal:
Lost Pets:

  • Try to find your dog on
  • Try to find your cat on
  • Post the animal on or
  • Create and post a flyer with pictures
  • Put an ad in the local newspaper
  • Contact the police if you think the pet was stolen
  • Contact veterinarians in your area
  • Visit Animal Services every day to look for your petFound Pets:Post the animal on or
  • Advertise in the newspaper (may be free)
  • Bring the animal to Animal Services (hours are posted on website after 12 noon.
  • Keep the animal at your home for 90 days AND advertiseRemember that under the law, pets are personal property. You may NOT keep a pet that you found without taking steps for 90 days to find the owner. If the verifiable owner comes forward, you must return the animal. Keep receipts for expenses incurred while caring for the animal. The owner must reimburse you for these expenses before the pet is returned. The animal is not yours to give away or sell! If you cannot care for the animal while searching for the owner, bring the dog/cat to Animal Services.