Paw Prints

Rocky A donation to “Friends” was received from Joe and Kathy Detrano in memory of “ROCKY”. A leaf will be engraved and placed on the Giving Tree located in the lobby at Pasco Animal Servies. The leaf will read – “In Memory of “Rocky” GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!” .








Lucky Beloved Pet of Fran and Jerry DeCanio Donation gifted by Evelyn Tracy.

Disney Beloved Pet of Carmen Blakely Disney was a kitten adopted from Pasco County Animal Services in 1986. He lived 18 years.


Spirit Beloved Pet of Diane & Ray Atkinson


Hobo Beloved Pet of the Law Office of Blaesing & Diaz, P.A.

Coco Beloved Pet of Ms. Megan Cook

Alexander Sarian Beloved Pet of Ms. Georgene Leonard

In Memory of Barbara Sue Thompson

Bogey Beloved Pet of Diana DiVita

Friends gratefully accepts donations to memorialize pets and to honor individuals. For each gift received, we will list the pet or person in our newsletter and on our site.

For pet memorials of $100.00 or more, we will send a framed poem with pets picture to the pet’s owner. For gifts to honor an individual, we send a special card to the recipient of the donor’s choice to inform him/her that a donation has been received to honor the person(s) named.

If you would like to remember a pet or honor a special person, please click on Donation or contact us at for additional information.