Ways You Can Help!

Donate directly to our General Fund

The General Fund is intended for general contributions to help our organization assist the shelter with items such as toys, bedding, improvements, adoption materials and other general items that will to enrich the lives of pets at the Pasco County Animal Shelter and improving the likelihood of adoption into loving homes. This button is our common donate option throughout the entire site. If you have any questions about donating or encounter any issues, feel free to email us at info@fpcas.org. All donations are tax deductable!

Donate directly to our Medical Fund

The Medical Fund is solely for the purpose to assist with the costs of special instances where a pet is in need of life-saving medical assistance. With this Medical Fund, the monies acquired will ensure that all donations will aid in rehabilitation and adoption.

If you make a donation to a specific pet and all expenses have been met, we will ensure that the funds go to the next pet in need.

Remember – all donations are tax deductable!

Your contributions can also help out Friends and the shelter pets in the following ways:Adoption vests

Want to donate items to the shelter?
Donating items to the shelter or Friends

Want to pay tribute to someone special or recognize someone
Purchase a leaf or acorn on our Giving Tree

Want to help out the dogs directly with bedding?
Donate a Kuranda Bed to the shelter

And you can always just donate any amount you wish!

Remember your donations are tax deductable!

In-Kind Donations

Own a business? Know of a fundraising idea? Have an expertise or skill?
Many times, what can be most helpful to us is the donation of a service or item. Some examples of an in-kind donation we solicit are:
- Printing
- Postage
- Paper and office supplies
- Catering and beverage donations for membership meetings or fundraising events
-Gift certificates and prizes for silent auctions (such as pet memorabilia, dinners, trips, sporting events, “pampering” packages,original art, gift baskets)
- Financial and/or accounting services
- Legal services
- Creative ideas

What impact does a donation make? Here are some ways that donations have helped:
Pet toys, bowls, carriers/crates and leashes
Cat Beds
Cat litter
Adoption Vests
Volunteer Support and Training Expenses
Kuranda Beds
Van Wraps
ZeroWaste Stations and supplies

And so much more… your donations of any kind is always helpful and appreciated!